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Bombas ideal VA-VHC

VA Series - Vertical Axial Flow

The VA series are Vertical Axial Flow Pumps , for large water flows at low and medium heights at water elevations. It is suitable to be driven by electric motor of solid shaft, electric hollow shaft or diesel through pulleys (flat / grooved) transmission, or gear heads. The impellers are of the propeller type that guarantee the maximum water passage. An external head fulfills the double mission, to discharge the pumped liquid, and to transmit to the pump the power of the motor it supports.

Applicable for: 

-  Water supply and distribution.

- Over-pressure systems

- Water treatment sewage treatment plants

- Irrigation facilities

- Lake drainage

- Rice paddies

- Desiccation of land

- Marine water

- Water parks

- Cooling towers

- Chemical industries

- Conventional or nuclear thermal power stations.

Bombas Ideal SVA-SVH

SVA Series

The Submersible Pumps SVA and SVH with impellers helix and helical, are specially designed for large flows of water at low and medium altitudes. The high yields obtained by these pumps and their high reliability make them very suitable for the pumping of rainwater, desiccation of land, drainage, rice fields, work in sewage treatment plants, aquatic parks, sea water, etc.

Bombas ARS

ARS Series

The electric pumps of the ARS series are submersible groups for the treatment of wastewater, which are formed by a hydraulic part and an electric motor. The hydraulics part, has impellers of type: drainage, vortex, single-channel, multichannel and crushers,   which contributes to have a variety of solids passage between 6 and 105 mm.

ARS pumps according to the type of impeller, are suitable for:

  • Water treatment plants

  • Pumping municipal and industrial fecal wastewater.

  • Drainage of buildings and land.

  • Sewage treatment.

  • Industrial processes.

  • Storm water containing abrasive particles and sands

  • Quarries

  • Transfer of dirty and loaded water, containing returnable filament bodies.

  • Black wells

  • Collection of biological pits.

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